Advice and advocacy in the area of trade in goods & services

Stéphanie Noël Law Office provides trade advisory and litigation services to companies, trade associations and trade administrations.

Services to businesses

Stéphanie Noël Law Office is dedicated to helping businesses to:

  • Comply with trade and internal regulations in export markets at minimum cost;
  • Derive maximum benefits and opportunities from trade agreements;
  • Avoid/ mitigate the costs associated with trade remedy proceedings (anti-dumping and anti-subsidy proceedings);
  • Overcome barriers to trade and secure market access;
  • Surmount foreign competition on your domestic market.

For so doing, Stéphanie Noël provides a wide range of services such as:

  • Monitoring EU and third countries’ trade and internal regulations that may have a trade-restrictive effect (such as product & packaging regulations, sanitary and phyto-sanitary measures, internal taxation, etc.); analyzing their compliance with international trade rules; suggesting possible actions;
  • Representing exporters in anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations, helping exporters to anticipate trade remedy initiations; assisting companies in filing an anti-dumping/anti-subsidy complaints against foreign imports and representing them during the investigation;
  • Helping design strategies for optimal use of free trade agreements;
  • Organizing workshops and trainings for trade departments and trade associations to deepen their understanding of the international trade legal framework and take part effectively in policy formulation.

Whenever a complementary expertise is required, Stéphanie Noël will propose to team up with trusted professionals (such as foreign lawyers, accountants…) within her network.

The international trade legal framework is very complex and ever evolving, whilst companies (especially SMEs) rarely have a specialized legal counsel. Stéphanie Noël Law Office offers clients to serve as external counsel dedicated to accompanying them navigate the international trade rules, in a collaborative manner, and for every level of support, from the identification of risks, to litigation.

Where appropriate, Stéphanie Noël will propose alternative fee arrangements that allow the client to budget a monthly amount for recurring needs. This favors a close and long-term professional relationship, and ensures a continuous legal support.

Services to public entities

Stéphanie Noël Law Office helps sovereign entities to assert their rights under the international trade agreements and fulfill their policy objectives in a WTO-consistent manner.

It provides :

  • Technical assistance and capacity building services for the implementation and negotiations of trade agreements, in a manner that suits best their policy objectives;
  • Legal opinions concerning the compliance of trade-restrictive measures with international trade rules;
  • Support in international trade disputes.