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Global Trade & Customs Journal articles

+ Op-ed in Borderlex: China MES: EU moves to develop new anti-dumping methodology could fall afoul of WTO rules


Stéphanie Noël, “Why the European Union must dump so-called “non-market economy” methodologies and adjustments in its anti-dumping investigations,” Global Trade and Customs Journal, Wolters Kluwer, Volume 11/ issue 7-8:

  GTCJ -11-7et8-Noel

Stéphanie Noël & Weihuan Zhou, “Replacing the Non-Market Economy Methodology: Is the European Union’s Alternative Approach Justified Under the World Trade Organization Anti-Dumping Agreement?” (2016) 11 Global Trade and Customs Journal, Wolters Kluwer, Issue 11/12, pp. 559–567